Feb 12

I got a package in the mail today, delivered courtesy of Australia Post, naturally.  I had ordered a number plate that originated from Holland, and it was extremely well packed, complete with a packing slip professionally attached to the clearly-labelled ‘FRAGILE’ wrapping material.  The word ‘FRAGILE’ appeared in two other languages, and covered the entire package.It seems though that Australia Post does not read English, nor does it know how the word ‘fragile’ translates to either German or Dutch.  Because I was very dismayed to see my number plate (which was advertised as being in a very decent conditon) arrive at my door in the condition as per the following photographs.

Bent PlateBent PlateBent PlateBent PlateBent PlateBent PlateBent Plate

Do yourself a favour, and NEVER send anything worth more than a A4-sized letter in an envelope with a 50c via Australia Post. If you want the job done right, don’t rely on these guys. Utter dipsticks that don’t know how to do a simple job properly

Dec 16

Just to let you all know that I have added more pics of the ol’ girl to my My Car page.

Nov 15

Very well done.

Sep 02

I have removed the Captcha plugin for WordPress called “Cryptographp” because of some fatal errors / bugs in the PHP used to generate the images as of late. I guess an update with WordPress must’ve broken it. Apologies to anyone out there who was trying to post a reply in my blog — you can do so now.

Don’t think that spam isn’t blocked anymore though — Akismet is still enabled so there could possibly be a delay in seeing your message show up on screen if Akismet thinks your blog post is spam.

Aug 01

Jul 03

I have recently landed a new job at a company called Digital Dogma, based in St Kilda in Melbourne. I’m pretty excited about this new position, as it brings me into a new direction and offer me challenges that I hopefully will savour. However, after having 2 interviews with the company and discussed (among other things) dress code, I had to go home and figure out what “business casual” meant.

Thankfully, Geek Etiquette has already written a huge wealth of information about the etiquette that the average geek has to face with when interacting with the rest of society. I have poured over all this information and now trying to absorb as much information as I can. I now know what to watch out for and the “look” that I am trying to achieve, so I will be shopping with the missus tomorrow to achieve that.

I doubt Kirrily “Skud” Robert is reading my blog, but in case you are, thanks for all this information. You’re a life saver!

Here are the articles that I found especially interesting and helpful:
Dresscodes: Geek vs Non-Geek
Business Casual (five star article!)
Semi Formal: the geek guide

The credit card is going to be a little extra warm tomorrow methinks!

PS. I got a little carried away with the other articles within the blog site — Geek Etiquette doesn’t just touch on personal etiquette, but other forms of etiquette as well, including web, email, phone and general corporate. Here is another extra link I found interesting:
Do I have to go to my company’s social events?

Jun 29

Dyson (the vacuum manufacturer) have developed and prototyped a new, revolutionary air hand dryer for public restrooms. Very cool idea and implementation — check out the review by Rich Demuro.

Jun 24

Jun 10

45865_f260.jpgThe Most Outlandish Computer Comparison Ever!

Awesome comparison, I really enjoyed reading this and the extent that these guys went through to measure the performance of both machines. Naturally the whole comparison is flawed simply because of the ‘generation gap’ between the two machines, but it’s all a joke and I was thoroughly entertained by this.

PS. I know that this article is a little old now, I haven’t really had time (read: couldn’t be bothered for a few days) until now to update my blog. Sorry.

May 16

A friend of mine brought to my attention a news article that was published (at least online) by The Australian newspaper on May 15th, 2007 by Andrew Colley, in regards to how a telecommunications analyst company called Market Clarity has declared that the state of broadband in Australia is much better than perceived. So much so, that Australia’s broadband scene apparently has jumped ranks from 17th in the world to 6th. I’m sure the federal government and the opposition will rip into this report to get the juicy morsels of “facts” to debate about on no end.
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