Feb 01

So as I sit here, waiting ever so patiently for my replacement Mac Mini, I was thinking of another name for it, something that was more suitable for the little bugger.  I will now not christen it Anaptysium as I had mentioned in my previous blog post, but it will now be called (when I do eventually receive it) ‘Epitelius’ – again a Latinised-Greek word, but this time meaning ‘Finally’, because it’s taking so freakin’ long to get its butt here!

The machine is currently located at Sydney customs and has been since 3:30pm-ish today, but since that’s too late in the day for TNT to deliver a machine interstate, and since today is a Friday of all days, I won’t be able to receive the machine here in Melbourne until Monday.


Jan 21

UPDATE: Unfortunately, the Mac Mini that was delivered to me had a problem of not being able to boot up correctly. After a couple of days of trying to make the machine work, I had called Apple Australia Customer Technical Support, and after the standard “try this, try that” routine the machine was declared DOA and I Have returned it to Apple via courier (naturally at no cost to me). So I am now waiting for a new machine to be delivered to me again, here’s hoping that I have better luck this time!

Well I have gone out and bought my first new Apple Mac desktop machine. This time I chose to buy a Mac mini, since space on my desk is a premium (suiting the Mac mini), I wanted to provide my own monitor (so iMac was out of the question) and I didn’t have squillions of money (so the Mac Pro was, unfortunately, out of the question).I ordered it from the online Australian Apple store on Wednesday 16th January 2008 and it arrived early this morning at my work place, which is why the pictures taken of the unpacking ceremony were not taken at home. Continue reading »

Sep 02

Hey everyone, just wanted to post some pics of my “new” Mac. It’s a Mac SE/30 with 8MB RAM and an 80MB hard drive. It’s got a bit of a tan but she’s a solid machine. I’m planning to put a network card in to put it on the network, and maybe run it as a web server or something — you know, something crazy. Click on Read More to see the pictures that I took of it today.
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Jun 24

This is a portion of an OS X Leopard screen when trying to connect to a Windows network share. Look closely at the picture below, and try to find the easter egg.

Leopard failing to connect to a Windows Share
May 24

Courtesy of GlenWolsey.com, a Flickr collection of the “top 10″ multi-display Mac setups. I don’t agree with the 1 x 30″ and 1 x 20″ together photo (labeled “Credit: pasdecontraintes”), not that it isn’t cool or anything, but that is really just two mis-matched monitors connected to the one computer. Not that interesting, and definitely not “top 10″ material in my book.

My favourite? The first picture with the Apple logo on the wall (very Apple store-ish :P) and the last with the 3 23″ Apple displays — very nice indeed.

Mar 21

I found this article from Mac OS X Tips.co.uk called “Top 15 Terminal Commands for Hidden Mac OS X Settings”, which is pretty descriptive of what it sets out to achieve. There are good tips here on how to tweak aspects of OS X and its subsequent bundled apps, and the great thing about this article is that it also tells you how to undo the settings you have changed, which is somewhat refreshing.

I must admit that many of these tips I had already applied to my system, either typed out in Terminal some time ago from other sites, or via apps that are basically a GUI front-end that saves you from typing “mumbo-jumbo” in the command line. However, this is a handy page to keep bookmarked — especially when you take the tweaks for granted and you reinstall your OS sometime down the track, and find that there are niggling aspects of your installation that doesn’t quite feel right to you and you can’t put your finger on it.

So, before I forget, here’s the link to the article. Enjoy.

Feb 27

Quite humorous :)

Feb 08

I'm a Mac“I’m a Mac”, “and I’m a PC”. These lines begin one of Apple’s most popular advertisements in TV, radio, web and print. People love them, and even more people hate them, whether because it makes them laugh, or find the ‘simpleton’ background music annoying, or are infuriated because they believe they are bringing a false message to the masses.

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Dec 23

A very good article explaining the advantages of ZFS popped up on Digg. Before reading this article, all I knew about ZFS was that it was really good somehow, and has a huge amount of capacity for file space on hard drives, so the filesystem would “last” pretty much in the long run.

But there are so many more advantages that ZFS brings to the masses. One that really struck me was snapshotting, and I can definitely see how this could fit with Apple’s Time Machine that will be introduced with the coming of OS X 10.5 Leopard. There are heaps of other advantages as well, such as smart striping/mirroring, and advanced checksumming functions, but go and have a look and see what revolution ZFS will be bringing to OS X.

Dec 16

Gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling :) The iPod Shuffle bit was my favourite.