Jun 15

Jeremy Clarkson BBC’s Top Gear website have a new featurette / game that allows you to play the part of Clarkson and Hammond and sort through placards with cars on them and place them on the Cool Wall. Each car you place on the Cool Wall will entice Clarkson to give his judgement on your choice, and his opinion on the car itself. If you register (which I haven’t done) you can save your walls and you can also contribute in a Web2.0-ish communistique effort to have the peoples’ choice in what car is cool and what isn’t. In other words, other people can see your choices.

So, if you have 10 minutes to kill, enjoy it at the Top Gear Cool Wall.

Apr 27

So my eBay item finally came in the mail today (after 8 weeks! must’ve been a delay in customs). In Europe (maybe even only in Germany), BMW offered an optional extra with its brand new cars to include an emergency fuel can. As far as I know, there are only two sizes available, one that fits in 15″ rims and higher, and another smaller one that doesn’t carry as much fuel.

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Apr 17

Well, a little surprise arrived in my mailbox this morning. Some box from Singapore — as soon as I saw that country written on the front, I instantly knew what was inside.

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Jan 24

I think I just soiled myself…

Asto Asto Asto

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Nov 28

Yep, there’s more. I shot these with my Canon Powershot A85, and half the car was in the shade and I couldn’t be bothered moving it. So some of the pics are dark.
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Nov 28

Continuing on from the More (boring) pics of my car post, I decided to take pics of the first aid kit that are in E34s (and most probably other BMWs like 7 series). Mine hasn’t ever been used, all the bandages and stuff are still there, and are all German. They probably have even expired! (I think that’s what that red tag means)
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Nov 21

Thought I would try to see how my car looks with foreign plates. Pictured are my original, boring Victorian plates, rear British plates and Swiss 1982 plates from Ticino.

132-IMG_0875.jpg 132-IMG_0876.jpg 132-IMG_0877.jpg
132-IMG_0878.jpg 132-IMG_0879.jpg  
Nov 12

The European Car Club of Australia had organised a ‘night run’ here in Melbourne. The route took us from Port Melbourne through to Clayton and then to Montrose / Mt Dandenong for a quick burst down the Mt Dandenong Tourist Rd to Upper Ferntree Gully.

I had lost count on how many cars showed up, people came and went at different stages of the run, I think at the start of the Mt Dandenong stage we had about 14 cars. My brakes were pretty cooked by the end of that stage, and braking power decreased a fair bit, but after 10 mins of cooling down everything was fine.

Great to see quite a few cars turning up, and not just the usual BMW E30s all the time. The Z4 was a neat addition to the pack, and the SLK that came for the Mt Dandenong section was pretty awesome too.

Click more for pictures

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Oct 23

Timo Rautiainen is Marcus Gronholm’s navigator (WRC rally driver), and had an unfortunate accident in the 2006 Turkish WRC round. However, comedic gold ensues with Marcus’s explanation of what happened — complete with corresponding hand gestures.

Oct 22

Here are some more (boring) pics of my car. These pics are really for the bimmer.info people to have a look and see how their North American E34s differ to those in the rest of the world. I had a chat with some of the guys in the unofficial chat forum on IRC (irc.rizon.net -> #bimmer-info) and it’s great in a geeky kind of way finding out all the little intricacies and differences between our cars.

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