Dec 29

I couldn’t find a gallery plugin for WordPress that will create me a gallery the way I want it to, so I’ve decided to write it out myself (the page, not the plugin). So check it out, you can find it under the Pages section in the column to the right.

Dec 23

Ahh those guys at Symantec — charging you a shitload for products that either:
a) do nothing useful and chew up system resources
b) fuck up your machine, or
c) all of the above.

The only good product that I use from their software labs is Ghost — which I have to admit, does a kick-ass job. But the rest of their product line is absolute shite.

Anyway, I digress. My main point here is that news has broken out that the Mac version of Symantec’s Norton Antivirus actually contains a high-level critical security flaw (link courtesy of MacFixIt). This is a company that is trying to persuade Mac users that their machine is in great danger of electronic attack — ironically, by the installation of their product, which its purpose is to prevent attacks like these to occur, leaves machines wide open for attack.

What is more mind-boggling is that Symantec for some bizarre reason could not find any possible way to patch their own products to repair this hole — the only way to “protect” yourself from this is to actually uninstall the product, which they have provided instructions for on their own website.

This quote from the MacFixIt article totally blew me away:

This flaw is the latest in a bevy of other issues caused by the AutoProtect component of Symantec’s Norton AntiVirus under Mac OS X 10.4.x including apparent corruption of Mac OS X temp files that can result in spiking processor usage and complete system unresponsiveness. (bold mine)

What happened to the Symantec that used to deliver good and reliable products? It’s scary to think all those machines out there that are relying on Symantec products to protect and maintain their machines — people use their firewalls, their antivirus and their system optimisation tools. C’mon, they have been making anti-virus software for donkey’s years and they still haven’t got this right?

People — DO NOT USE SYMANTEC PRODUCTS PERIOD. They slow your machines down, are poorly written and are a complete waste of money. There are heaps of other products, settings and techniques one can employ to have security down pat on their machines, and they all are a helluva lot cheaper than Symantec shit.

Dec 23

The Canadian Apple site have a neat page online where you can download Gift Tags for your Christmas presents. These are downloadable and come with pictures of iMacs, Mac minis, iPods and iPod accessories. They come as PDF and can be a great looking addition to your Christmas presents — and could also be a good prank as your loved ones’ eyes light up when they see a tag with an iPod on front and be disappointed to unwrap a Creative Zen instead.

Dec 18

Ford KA advertisment with pidgeonYeah I know, to have a successful blog you need to keep updating it, but hey I’m a busy man, I always have places to go, people to see, things to do, so quit yer whinin’!

Hmm let’s see… what’s been going on in the world of George? Well, I had forgotten to put in my football tips for the Football Tipping Competition for this week, so I have automatically been allocated all the away teams for each match. It wasn’t too bad this week, there were 4 away wins (to date — I believe there are still 2 matches to be played) and I have only dropped one point more behind the leader, but I am still in 2nd spot. The others are still catching up quite quickly; there are about 12 people all gunning for the top spot, all with either equal or 1 or 2 points between them, and it’s only half way through the season! This will be the hardest 20 bucks I have ever spent!

I went and washed my car yesterday (finally), it was really started to get pretty dirty, especially around the bootlid area. I’m not really a fan of sedan boots (especially my one) — reversing is always a guessing game (or hit-and-miss affair, depending on how well you drive). I suppose this is due to my driving experience upbringing, having learnt how to drive whilst in the family’s VL Commodore wagon.

This morning Mum requested me to leave my car on the street (as opposed to the driveway, where I usually park), so I left it under a tree (there was no where else to park). Lo and behold, 10 minutes later as I was surfing the net on my laptop in the lounge room, I hear lorikeets screeching outside.

I knew what that meant. Of course, as I stepped out I see my car covered in shit, YET AGAIN. So I grabbed my keys and drove to the local self-serve car wash and washed all that shit off. Bloody birds. I really wish I had that Ford Ka that would pop up its bonnet whenever a bird is near, knocking it out cold.

Friday was a very interesting day. We had our “Challenge Day” at work, which basically meant get smashed and have some fun. It was all paid for too. So 9.30AM we all went to a place called Bellini’s somewhere on Queen St, where I tucked into ‘Traditional Bacon and Scrambled Eggs’, washed down with freshly-squeezed apple juice. Quite tasty. Then we all headed off to Port Melbourne Bowling Club, where we proceeded to play a knockout-style bowls tournament. Now I’m a pretty crappy player when it comes to bowls, I always put too much thrust when pushing the bowl on the green, but my partner for the day Ken helped save a few matches so that we never lost by more than 1 or 2. However, the last match we played (which incidently was against last year’s “champions”) was for the wooden spoon, which we managed to avoid by a spectacular bowl by Ken on the last bowl of the deciding round (since we tied the game 2-2). By the way, the tournament was won by Paul and Matt (who I bet don’t even know that this blog exists!), but congratulations to them anyway. Took plenty of photos and some video too, unfortunately with someone else’s camera, so I can’t show any here right now. They may come later though.

After the tournament we continued drinking, beer was flowing like water and everyone was having a good time. Mark chucked some 60-odd snags on the barbie, pita bread and spreads were eaten and everyone was having a good time. After we filled up with some grub, we played drinking games for the rest of the afternoon — something with slapping the knees, clapping the hands and clicking the fingers to a beat and yelling out numbers. One stuff up, and you have to skaal a glass of beer. Not many people did the full glass — by that stage I was well and truly tipsy, and along with the alcohol consumption came a sudden wave of confidence as I skaaled down glasses of beer whenever I stuffed up. Thank god it was Carlton Draught and not some crap like Tooheys, otherwise I would have repeated all over the table.

I headed off from PMBC at around 8.30, catching the light rail to the city and then the Glenny line train from Spencer Street Southern Cross Station. By that stage I could feel the liquid in my stomach sloshing around, and my stomach walls and liver desperately trying to break down the excessive amounts of amber liquid I had consumed. By the time I got to Glenny station, I see my dad in… THE UTE. Of all cars that he could have chosen to drive (the Beemer was available!?!) he came to pick me up in a car that is 50% aluminium and has leaf-spring suspension! I came home in one piece (and the contents in my stomach still inside), had a shower and went to bed. The next morning though I had realised my arms and the fingers used to click were strangely quite sore… I wonder why?

Well that’s pretty much about it. Yeah, boring I know. But hey, you guys still visit.