Jan 30

I came across someone’s Flickr account that has a mockup of the upcoming iBook replacement “MacBook”. It looks pretty good to me (except for the missing latch??), and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was quite accurate, given that Apple was pretty slack in designing the new MacBook Pro (looks almost the same as the PowerBook).

Check it out here.

Jan 25

I came across a video file courtesy of Google Video of the Australian comedy group Tripod, performing their song “Make you happy tonight” at the Comedy Fesitval (I’m assuming either the Melbourne Comedy Festival, or the Edinburgh Comedy Festival). This is really one of my most favourite songs from Tripod, and I think it’s absolute gold — it reminds me of me, and I can so see myself saying this to my future wife.
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Jan 15

I came across a song in Greek called “Niose to fili” (Feel the kiss), by a singer called Aspa Tsina. It’s a nice song, with a very familiar tune — it’s basically a Greek version of Natalie Imbruglia’s “Torn” (which is one of my favourite songs — not a fan of Natalie, but love the song). The lyrics aren’t the same, so it’s not like a direct translation or anything, but the tune is extremely faithful to the original Natalie one, so anyone would be able to recognise it.

I found the lyrics to Aspa’s song, and I have reproduced them here, along with my translation. Read more to see.

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Jan 09

BoI borrowed a book from the local library called “Wi-Fi Toys” on Saturday, and it has an ExtremeTech logo on the front, so I thought it might be good. Reading a little opened my eyes to wardriving.

For those who don’t know, wardriving is the act of going around (usually in a car, but any form of transport is acceptable, including foot) and carrying around a wi-fi detecting device, usually a laptop. On the laptop you run wi-fi signal scanning software that tries to pick up information about any wi-fi signals that may be radiating through the air.
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