Feb 22

MacBooCourtesy of digg, someone has bought a MacBook Pro and dissected it as soon as they got their hands on it. There are still some similarities with the current (or now, outgoing) PowerBooks, yet somewhat different at the same time. The most notable differences are the side ports, battery size, the layout of the lower quarter of the machine (hard drive and battery has been swapped around), and some other new features of the machine, such as the IR port and integrated iSight. Exterior differences include a wider trackpad, and a rubberised bump on the hinge, which looks to me like the Airport antenna.

Interesting, nonetheless.

Feb 16

This is just too cool to describe. Multi-point touch screen. I especially like the photo sorting and map software.

Check it out.

Feb 14

132-iSync.jpgSome companies are just plain stupid.

Let me ask you this — if you were a company, that produced a product that no one else has made, that is extremely useful to a small but vocal and significant group of people, you would want to get that product out to the masses.


So would it make sense that even though your intentions are good when you decide to pool some resources together and make Version 2.0 of said product, that you would at least keep Version 1.0 available, in case someone needs your product.


Well then, what the hell is nova media doing? A couple of months ago, they released a suite of iSync plug-ins that allows iSync to support phones that otherwise are unsupported from the Apple Mothership. This is really good, since it adds support for some of the more obscure phones (like mine — a Motorola E1000), and also for the more newer ones, such as the Nokia N70, for example.

Finally, I thought, I can get iSync to actually see my brick of a phone. So I go to nova media’s site and have a look.

Access denied.

Instead, I am greeted with a page of marketing BS and disabled download links. “I did not believe that I could get my new phone to work with iSync© so easily!” it said. “nova media now enables you to use even more mobile phones with this exciting technology, shorteing the wait for the next iSync© update.” (sic, complete with typo)

How about this for exciting technology nova media — an A HREF that points to version 1.0 of your plug-in. Thanks to you, so many people are now stuck without the ability to iSync their phone, and god knows when you’ll update your site to offer version 2. You know what you can do with your proverbial dangling carrot on a stick.

I would even buy this plugin from you, but you even disabled the Buy Now button. I don’t care if it’s freeware or not, it’s not polite to cocktease. Please stop it and put version 1.0 back up.

UPDATE: It looks like nova media did update their website — but now their iSync plug in software costs €9.95 and doesn’t include support for any Motorola phone, including the E1000. Great.

Feb 06

Found a cool video on how a hard drive’s seek arm looks like when it is seeking. You can plainly see how fast the servo shifts the seek arm around, and the lecturer in the video explains the test program used to demonstrate hard drive seeking and reading.

Check it out here.

Feb 04

I have found a really really really cool little app called GLTerminal, which is available for OSX. It is just a normal Terminal app, but it comes complete with the flickering, green chunky text that you would see on a 1970′s home computer. You can make it full screen, and you can even change the “curvature” to replicate the fish-bowl-like quality of CRTs of the era, and also emulate a baud speed, so that it feels like you’re tapping into a shell remotely via an accoustically-coupled modem.

Check it out