May 26

My new (kind of) Mac arrived yesterday. Some surfer dude was trying to bash/knock the front door down early yesterday morning and the first thought in my head was “Who the F%$@ is that d&%^head?” as I went to answer the door, before realising that it was Australia Post, delivering the Power Mac QuickSilver that I had purchased on eBay.

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May 20

I have finally found a way to put commenting in My Pages. These Pages are the ones on the right hand side — I currently have three pages there, About Me, My Car and My Photos. Previously, no one could comment within these Pages like normal posts, because the template that I’m using didn’t provision for this.

But I’ve shoehorned it in now, apologies to the original author of the theme for butchering your code!

May 17

Those crazy Japanese — they shell out Â¥159,800 for a mid-range MacBook and then just… pull it to pieces! Here are the pictures:

Original Japanese version
Translated version courtesy of Google.

Still unimpressed with the keyboard though.

May 16

132-macbookblack.jpgWell, after much anticipation, Apple has released the new MacBooks.

These new machines will be replacing the outgoing and much-dated iBook G4s. Gauging from threads started and spoken about in the Whirlpool forums, it seems many people were waiting in agonising anticipation for these new machines.

In the weeks and months leading up to this release, there were many rumours and speculation about what will be included as part of the new MacBook. Many of these could have been taken with a grain of salt (as I did with many of the rumours on the Internet), but I am pleasantly whelmed and satisfied with Apple’s portable consumer offerings.

The new machine specs are as follows:

  • Two colours — white and black
  • Three spec levels — 1.83GHz White, 2.0GHz White and 2.0GHz Black. All Core Duos.
  • All have 13″ widescreen, 1280×800 resolution (glossy screen)
  • Integrated iSight and MagSafe power connector
  • 512MB RAM
  • 1 FireWire port, 2 USB 2.0 ports
  • Gigabit Ethernet, Airport and Bluetooth

Some things that I had totally expected — the screen size and resolution, extras such as iSight and MagSafe (naturally), RAM size and hard drive sizes, SuperDrive speed of 4x, shared video RAM a lá Mac mini, audio out.

Some things that I had not expected at all, and pleasantly surprised that they were included: All Core Duos (I was expecting the lowest model to be a Core Solo), Magnetic latch on the front, optional hard drive sizes (up to 120GB), bucketloads of battery life, proper support for desktop extending onto a secondary monitor, HUUUUGE trackpad.

Things that I had not expected at all, and think are not good value: different and smaller capacity (60W) charger compard to MacBook Pro, trying hard to find anything else.

The video RAM being shared with system memory is a negative point in my book, but then again this is a consumer level portable machine. To expand the ‘mid-level’ machine (which is a White model) to an 80GB hard drive will still be $210 shy of the same machine in Black — meaning the colour costs $210.

Overall, although there are some negative points, they are few and far between. These negative points are a tad on the serious side for me (still cut about video RAM, but then again still half-expected it), but as a consumer machine I believe this is a very decent and capable laptop. As for the price … well if I can be bothered I might try and do a comparison. According to AppleStore Wollongong, the highest spec iBook before tonight cost $2049 for a 14″ model, which is a difference of $350 when compared to a Black MacBook, a decent and small price to pay, considering the advantages of the new model.

I’m tempted to get one myself, however I am constantly reminding myself that my current PowerBook is more than capable of performing my demands and tasks comfortably, and the fact that the top model still costs $2399, which is basically cash I don’t have at the moment.

I wonder how much a Black model will scratch… would make an invisibleSHIELD for the whole MacBook I wonder? :P

On a side note, a final RIP for the PowerBook — the 12″ model has been discontinued as of tonight. PowerBook, I salute you.