Jun 28
Jun 26

All I can say is… I wish I can dance like that.

Jun 26
Jun 23

The only reason why I had Adobe Acrobat 7.0 was because I thought it was a good idea — printing to PDF is somewhat of a luxury using Windows (until late — there’s now “free” PDF printing utilities), but with the advent of OS X Tiger, PDF printing is now built into the operating system.

Getting back to my point, Adobe smears their files all over the hard drive, placing some integration with its PDF making utilities within Microsoft Office. Unfortunately, with Adobe’s Uninstaller, this integration is still kept within Microsoft Office — it’s just not integrating now because Adobe’s files are kaput. Adobe’s toolbars were always annoying anyway, even if I still had Acrobat 7.0 installed, I wouldn’t want them around.

Whirlpool has a very informative and helpful forum, including a sizeable subforum of Apple users. grebo came up with a list of files that should be removed (mind my posts :D). There were some PDFMaker files still floating around in the Microsoft Office 2004 folder in Applications, removing these did the trick.

Jun 10

It was very foggy tonight, so I took the car to a floodlit carpark and took some photos. I’m no professional photographer (and I think I’m pushing it if I call myself an amateur one!) and I only have a Canon Powershot A85 (would love a DSLR!), so the photos are a little grainy. I would have loved to go back and take some more with some proper equipment and skills, but hey they’re here.

I take my inspiration from the kick-ass photography that I see in magazines in the likes of BMWcar and Total BMW. The photos that show the car’s profile facing the front, and seeing the lit dashboard in the same frame is heavily influenced on the photography found in these magazines. If you are a BMW nut, I highly suggest you find a copy — I buy one every month.

Anyway, the pics are found in the My Car page that can be found on the right side of this screen. Have fun looking at these, and comment on them if you like.

Jun 09

Want to get a .COM.AU domain name for cheap?

aCore Solutions has just recently become a domain name reseller — we sell domain names for $24.95 a year (not including GST — and must sign up for 2 years).

Domain names get approved within an hour — what more can you ask for? Cheap, easy and quick!

Interested? Sign up!

Jun 09

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to let the very few amount of people actually reading this blog still that I am back online!

For those who want to read a little backstory, continue reading below. For those who can’t be bothered, skip this paragraph (well, obviously not this one…)

The story goes like this. iiNet was charging me $79.95 a month for standard-ish 512/128K ADSL. At the time that I signed up for the plan, it was pretty good value. 16GB peak and 16GB off peak, and you only get throttled when you go over this and their network isn’t inundated with traffic. Of all the times I did go over my limit, I was never throttled. Anyway, time went by and I found out that I wasn’t ever reaching my limit anymore, so the smart and economic thing to do is to clock down to a lower quota so that I won’t be paying for quota each and every month that I won’t be using. By the time I got to this stage, iiNet offerings were complete bollocks (having to bundle your landline phone to get any real value out of the plan), I was working at aCore Solutions full time and naturally, the 80 bucks a month I’m spending started to hurt my pocket, especially since I can get similar deals for 30 dollars a month less. So I decided to churn to Internode. ‘Churn’ in a metaphorical sense, since I learnt the hard way that my DSL account was actually located on an iiNet iiSLAM, which means that since my account isn’t on Telstra hardware anymore, that I cannot churn. So I had to disconnect completely with iiNet (which was a chore in itself), use DIALUP INTERNET in the meantime (!) and continuously apply for Internode DSL until I could get connected.

So yes, enough rambling there. Internode is a great ISP, it got voted very well in the latest Whirlpool survey results, and I am very happy. All I need to do now is disable my port blocking on port 25 so I can send outbound mail through SMTP servers other than Internode’s, and I’ll be right back on track!

On a side note, although Dialup does suck, I only had to pay $1 for Dodo Dialup Internet. You would have to be a dodo to sign up anywhere else! (ba-doom-boom-tsh!)