Jul 24

Finished installing my lights in today. There is still one screw that hasn’t been screwed in (passenger’s side front indicator), which is nigh on impossible to find the hole, let alone put the screw in and tighten.

The rear lights had to be modified, the cavity that is supposed to carry the globe connector isn’t well designed or manufactured, making it very difficult to click in the globes. After some deliberation on a couple of BMW forums that I frequent, and getting testimonials on people who have mounted DEPOs before, I figured I had to remove a small section on each cavity. Most people suggested to file these off, but not happy with the thought of having “glitter” inside the lenses, I decided to use a soldering iron and modify the cavities so that they behave more like the OEM tail lights.

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Jul 19

Euroclears Got a delivery of my euroclear lights for front, rear and sides for my E34 this morning. I’m pretty excited about these, and I can’t wait to put them on. The thing is, the car needs a really good wash (birds have been crapping on my car all day yesterday), and the weather is definitely not for washing cars.

It was pretty sunny about 30 minutes ago, however a client of mine called asking for me to be on standby as a project is being demonstrated to a client, so I have to sit here and wait. Right now I could be putting these babies on!

Tomorrow is supposed to be pretty sunny — cold, but sunny. I’ll see how I go.

Apologies for the poor quality of the picture above, I took that with my Motorola E1000, as my digital camera is with my sister at the moment. I’ll take before and after shots of the front rear and sides, I’ll also mount my rear reflector that I purchased off a fellow member of ECCA to complete the whole look.

    Things to do:

  • New rims and tyres (tyres have heaps of thread left, but sick of 15″… might wait until I need new tyres, and have more money!)
  • Tint windows — not sure how dark to go yet, I’ll have to do more homework on this
  • Fix my sticky lifters — bought oil and engine flush today, it’s just a matter of finding time to do the procedure
  • Paint lower front and rear bars, sideskirts (I’ll get these professionally done), retouch black plastic trim on the doors, also probably handles as well.
  • Lower springs
  • … still thinking what else?

Got a suggestion? Leave a comment!

Big shout-out to Michael from ECCA who sold me the reflector and recommended Stuart from eBay, where I bought my DEPO euroclears from. I know none of you are reading this, but cheers anyway!

Jul 18

I want one.

Jul 15
Jul 13

Hey everyone,

I just bought a couple of domain names — they’re pretty cheap! only $24.95 a year for .com.au domains! There is free email and URL forwarding — hard to beat!

Cheapest domain names in Australia

Jul 09

All the talk about the next version of Internet Explorer has generated a lot of interest and intrigue, especially from web designers, who are secretly hoping that they won’t have to use IE hacks in their CSS anymore.

It looks as though, however, that Microsoft have a long way to go if they want to be considered as somewhat “standards-compliant”, judging by the Acid2 screenshot below.

Jul 03

Good night, Michelle.