Oct 23

Timo Rautiainen is Marcus Gronholm’s navigator (WRC rally driver), and had an unfortunate accident in the 2006 Turkish WRC round. However, comedic gold ensues with Marcus’s explanation of what happened — complete with corresponding hand gestures.

Oct 22

Here are some more (boring) pics of my car. These pics are really for the bimmer.info people to have a look and see how their North American E34s differ to those in the rest of the world. I had a chat with some of the guys in the unofficial chat forum on IRC (irc.rizon.net -> #bimmer-info) and it’s great in a geeky kind of way finding out all the little intricacies and differences between our cars.

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Oct 20

Mark from eFront has just passed me a link for the next Sony Bravia advert that will most probably be shown on TV in the upcoming months. It exhibits explosions of colour over what seems to be a low-rise residential block in the south-southeast of London. Personally I don’t find it to be as “good” as the first one (plus the music is better), however this one does have its moments — the interior shots and the rain are nice touches.

Check it out for yourself