Dec 23

A very good article explaining the advantages of ZFS popped up on Digg. Before reading this article, all I knew about ZFS was that it was really good somehow, and has a huge amount of capacity for file space on hard drives, so the filesystem would “last” pretty much in the long run.

But there are so many more advantages that ZFS brings to the masses. One that really struck me was snapshotting, and I can definitely see how this could fit with Apple’s Time Machine that will be introduced with the coming of OS X 10.5 Leopard. There are heaps of other advantages as well, such as smart striping/mirroring, and advanced checksumming functions, but go and have a look and see what revolution ZFS will be bringing to OS X.

Dec 17
Dec 16

Gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling :) The iPod Shuffle bit was my favourite.

Dec 15

I read a rather interesting article from ComputerWorld by Scot Finnie and Ken Mingis, that lists commentary about what parts of the Mac OS X operating system makes the OS fall short of being the most perfect one in the universe.

Although the article does make some valid points (yet old and previously-discussed-since-Genesis ones), there were some points that really stood out for me.

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Dec 14

The old lady is asking the cop why is he speaking in English, and then when he pulls out the gun she yells out for him to shut up. “Soot” is a way of shushing someone in Greek, and sounds a bit like “shoot” in English (which obviously has a different meaning).

Dec 07

The image above is a parody of the Apple New Zealand website, I am in no way affiliated with said website. I am the author of the above image, if you link to this picture you don’t have to attribute me, however it would be nice if you did. And yes, I know my photoshop skills leave a lot to be desired!