Mar 29

Absolutely brilliant! Almost Rendevouz-like.

Mar 22

Very funny :D

Mar 21

Warning: Does contain “Azamat Bagatov” running with dick togs that wrap around his shoulders.

Mar 21

I found this article from Mac OS X called “Top 15 Terminal Commands for Hidden Mac OS X Settings”, which is pretty descriptive of what it sets out to achieve. There are good tips here on how to tweak aspects of OS X and its subsequent bundled apps, and the great thing about this article is that it also tells you how to undo the settings you have changed, which is somewhat refreshing.

I must admit that many of these tips I had already applied to my system, either typed out in Terminal some time ago from other sites, or via apps that are basically a GUI front-end that saves you from typing “mumbo-jumbo” in the command line. However, this is a handy page to keep bookmarked — especially when you take the tweaks for granted and you reinstall your OS sometime down the track, and find that there are niggling aspects of your installation that doesn’t quite feel right to you and you can’t put your finger on it.

So, before I forget, here’s the link to the article. Enjoy.