May 28

Courtesy of The Register, a well-written analytical piece of the age-old discussion of which operating system is more secure: Windows or Linux.
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May 24

Courtesy of, a Flickr collection of the “top 10″ multi-display Mac setups. I don’t agree with the 1 x 30″ and 1 x 20″ together photo (labeled “Credit: pasdecontraintes”), not that it isn’t cool or anything, but that is really just two mis-matched monitors connected to the one computer. Not that interesting, and definitely not “top 10″ material in my book.

My favourite? The first picture with the Apple logo on the wall (very Apple store-ish :P) and the last with the 3 23″ Apple displays — very nice indeed.

May 16

A friend of mine brought to my attention a news article that was published (at least online) by The Australian newspaper on May 15th, 2007 by Andrew Colley, in regards to how a telecommunications analyst company called Market Clarity has declared that the state of broadband in Australia is much better than perceived. So much so, that Australia’s broadband scene apparently has jumped ranks from 17th in the world to 6th. I’m sure the federal government and the opposition will rip into this report to get the juicy morsels of “facts” to debate about on no end.
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May 14

Just a quick video of my A1200 booting up. According to the video, I flick the switch at the 15sec mark, and it boots completely at the 27sec mark, making it from switching on to desktop in 12 seconds.

I’d like to see a modern computer do that :)

May 12

Well I had plonked the trusty Commodore 1084S monitor that has been with us since our Amiga 1000 back in 1988 on my Ikea Jerker add-on shelf, and decided to connect it to the A1200 that I had made some room for on my desk and use the machine with its original hardware and peripherals.

Naturally, the A1200 performed like a champ, and once I figured out how to install the Compact Flash/PCMCIA drivers into the system, I instantly had 1GB of flash RAM available to the machine to use as an extra disk. To tell you the truth, I struggled a little with the installation of the drivers, as I expected and looked for any missing steps or configs I thought I would have needed to adjust, but no all I had to do was just copy the files across and reboot. How’s that for It Just Works(tm)? Remember this is a machine designed back in 1992, and it’s accessing 1GB Compact Flash cards formatted as FAT32 volumes.
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