Jun 29

Dyson (the vacuum manufacturer) have developed and prototyped a new, revolutionary air hand dryer for public restrooms. Very cool idea and implementation — check out the review by Rich Demuro.

Jun 24

Jun 24

This is a portion of an OS X Leopard screen when trying to connect to a Windows network share. Look closely at the picture below, and try to find the easter egg.

Leopard failing to connect to a Windows Share
Jun 15

Jeremy Clarkson BBC’s Top Gear website have a new featurette / game that allows you to play the part of Clarkson and Hammond and sort through placards with cars on them and place them on the Cool Wall. Each car you place on the Cool Wall will entice Clarkson to give his judgement on your choice, and his opinion on the car itself. If you register (which I haven’t done) you can save your walls and you can also contribute in a Web2.0-ish communistique effort to have the peoples’ choice in what car is cool and what isn’t. In other words, other people can see your choices.

So, if you have 10 minutes to kill, enjoy it at the Top Gear Cool Wall.

Jun 10

45865_f260.jpgThe Most Outlandish Computer Comparison Ever!

Awesome comparison, I really enjoyed reading this and the extent that these guys went through to measure the performance of both machines. Naturally the whole comparison is flawed simply because of the ‘generation gap’ between the two machines, but it’s all a joke and I was thoroughly entertained by this.

PS. I know that this article is a little old now, I haven’t really had time (read: couldn’t be bothered for a few days) until now to update my blog. Sorry.