Jul 03

I have recently landed a new job at a company called Digital Dogma, based in St Kilda in Melbourne. I’m pretty excited about this new position, as it brings me into a new direction and offer me challenges that I hopefully will savour. However, after having 2 interviews with the company and discussed (among other things) dress code, I had to go home and figure out what “business casual” meant.

Thankfully, Geek Etiquette has already written a huge wealth of information about the etiquette that the average geek has to face with when interacting with the rest of society. I have poured over all this information and now trying to absorb as much information as I can. I now know what to watch out for and the “look” that I am trying to achieve, so I will be shopping with the missus tomorrow to achieve that.

I doubt Kirrily “Skud” Robert is reading my blog, but in case you are, thanks for all this information. You’re a life saver!

Here are the articles that I found especially interesting and helpful:
Dresscodes: Geek vs Non-Geek
Business Casual (five star article!)
Semi Formal: the geek guide

The credit card is going to be a little extra warm tomorrow methinks!

PS. I got a little carried away with the other articles within the blog site — Geek Etiquette doesn’t just touch on personal etiquette, but other forms of etiquette as well, including web, email, phone and general corporate. Here is another extra link I found interesting:
Do I have to go to my company’s social events?