Jan 21

UPDATE: Unfortunately, the Mac Mini that was delivered to me had a problem of not being able to boot up correctly. After a couple of days of trying to make the machine work, I had called Apple Australia Customer Technical Support, and after the standard “try this, try that” routine the machine was declared DOA and I Have returned it to Apple via courier (naturally at no cost to me). So I am now waiting for a new machine to be delivered to me again, here’s hoping that I have better luck this time!

Well I have gone out and bought my first new Apple Mac desktop machine. This time I chose to buy a Mac mini, since space on my desk is a premium (suiting the Mac mini), I wanted to provide my own monitor (so iMac was out of the question) and I didn’t have squillions of money (so the Mac Pro was, unfortunately, out of the question).I ordered it from the online Australian Apple store on Wednesday 16th January 2008 and it arrived early this morning at my work place, which is why the pictures taken of the unpacking ceremony were not taken at home. Continue reading »