Sep 02

Hey everyone, just wanted to post some pics of my “new” Mac. It’s a Mac SE/30 with 8MB RAM and an 80MB hard drive. It’s got a bit of a tan but she’s a solid machine. I’m planning to put a network card in to put it on the network, and maybe run it as a web server or something — you know, something crazy. Click on Read More to see the pictures that I took of it today.

SE/30 on bench Mac SE/30 on bench Back of Mac SE/30 (note missing slot cover — network card will go in here)
Mac SE/30 keyboard and mouse Mac SE/30 booting up Mac SE/30 with System 7.1 on desktop
Mac SE/30 with some of the applications preinstalled Running Photoshop! An RGB chart — not much use on a 1bit screen :D
The games that were installed on the machine Mac SE/30 — RAHRRRRR!!! My updated desk

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  1. Nancy Hamilton Says:

    I have an old great condition MAC SE — can’t boot it up anymore because it’s looking for a system disk, I believe. Just gives me a blinking question mark.

    It’s been stored all of these years in it’s own carrying case, so it’s very clean. I only have one keyboard that works with it.

    I’m trying to recover some old files in PhotoShop 2.0 and thought maybe I had a copy on it. Saved them with no extensions, and now nothing can read them.

    Guess it’s time to part with the old girl — ???


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