Feb 12

I got a package in the mail today, delivered courtesy of Australia Post, naturally.  I had ordered a number plate that originated from Holland, and it was extremely well packed, complete with a packing slip professionally attached to the clearly-labelled ‘FRAGILE’ wrapping material.  The word ‘FRAGILE’ appeared in two other languages, and covered the entire package.It seems though that Australia Post does not read English, nor does it know how the word ‘fragile’ translates to either German or Dutch.  Because I was very dismayed to see my number plate (which was advertised as being in a very decent conditon) arrive at my door in the condition as per the following photographs.

Bent PlateBent PlateBent PlateBent PlateBent PlateBent PlateBent Plate

Do yourself a favour, and NEVER send anything worth more than a A4-sized letter in an envelope with a 50c via Australia Post. If you want the job done right, don’t rely on these guys. Utter dipsticks that don’t know how to do a simple job properly

3 Responses to “Australia Post broke my package”

  1. Broady Says:


    That sucks – but that is pretty poor packaging to be honest, “Fragile” means nothing to them (why should they handle something differently just because it’s labeled fragile? I bet your seller didn’t pay any more)

  2. Bob Says:

    You can read the obstacle course they put me through after they smashed an electronic instrument I bought. “Obviously it was smashed before it was posted, so we aren’t responsible!” is their attitude. Just follow the link.

  3. Kate Says:

    They did the exact same thing to me!!! I complained and they told me that “Australia Post doesn’t do fragile.” What the heck kind of response is that!! Never again Australia post!!!

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