My Car

Here are some pictures of my car. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge.

132-bmw_1.jpg 132-bmw_2.jpg 132-bmw_3.jpg
132-bmw_4.jpg 132-bmw_5.jpg 132-bmw_6.jpg
132-bmw_7.jpg 132-bmw_8.jpg 132-bmw_9.jpg
132-IMG_1024.jpg 132-IMG_1424.jpg 132-IMG_0232.jpg
132-IMG_0237.jpg 132-IMG_0238.jpg  

These pics were taken on the 9th July 2006 at a car park just up the road from my house. I had a nice drive on Mt Dandenong Tourist Road, was a good run through all the twisties and hair pins :D It then became extremely foggy, so I took the opportunity to take some photos. I’m far from a professional photographer, I basically just point and shoot, so the pictures came up a little grainier than I would have liked.

132-IMG_0251.jpg 132-IMG_0252.jpg 132-IMG_0253.jpg
132-IMG_0254.jpg 132-IMG_0255.jpg 132-IMG_0256.jpg
132-IMG_0258.jpg 132-IMG_0259.jpg 132-IMG_0260.jpg
132-IMG_0262.jpg 132-IMG_0263.jpg 132-IMG_0264.jpg

Update 16/12/2007: The ol’ girl had taken a bit of a battering from birds and their pooping all over the paint, so on a nice sunny day a couple of days ago, I washed the car and decided to take more pics.

Peek around the corner Sitting on driveway Top Gear shot

Some stats about my car:

  • 1995 BMW E34 525i sedan
  • 2.5L M50 engine with VANOS (single)
  • Oxford Green (metallic) — or in German, Oxfordgrünmetallic
  • 5-speed ZF transmission
  • 15″ factory alloy rims
  • 225-wide rubber all around
  • “10-speaker” (really only 6) sound system, factory Alpine-based head-unit and 6-CD changer in the back
  • White leather interior (good condition for its age), some type of wood trim
  • Driver and passenger side airbags
  • Electric windows, mirrors and sunroof
  • Factory dual-zone air conditioning/heater (no climate control unfortunately)
  • Cruise control
  • IR-based remote and car alarm
  • “Check control” system that uses sensors to let you know of various things, such as worn brake linings, low coolant level, blown lights, etc through an alphanumeric LCD display at the bottom of the dash.