My Photos

Hi all,

Here are some photos of events etc. that either include myself, or have been taken by me. Some of the pictures have descriptions next to them — some don’t. And these pictures are in no particular order.

132-IMG_0837.jpg My desktop when I got my PowerBook. As you can tell it is very clean — it’s far from this state right now as I type this. You can plainly see the wireless Apple keyboard and mouse. The PowerBook is sitting on an iCurve, which is surprisingly sturdy. The LCD monitor is a Hyundai 17″ which is hooked up to the DVI port on the PowerBook. You can also see one of the sites I frequent (Whirlpool), and also another site that I haven’t gone to since (the Texas Hold’em game playing in Yahoo! Games)
132-IMG_0850.jpg Me on the right and my future brother-in-law David on the left. Photo taken by my camera (but I obviously wasn’t the shooter) at my sister and David’s engagement party.
132-P1010076.jpg Me on the left and my youngest sister Tina on the right. F*cking posers we are.
132-IMG_1282.jpg One of the ferries departing from the dock to travel within Sydney Harbour. I think this ferry was called Captain Cook III.
132-IMG_1283.jpg The Sydney Opera House sits opposite the Sydney Harbour Bridge. I must admit it is a very impressive structure. I was still excited about being in Sydney when I took this photo, so I went trigger-happy and took heaps of photos of the SOH — of which I won’t bore you with.
132-IMG_1297.jpg … but I thought I would just sneak this one in ;-)
132-IMG_1304.jpg Along with Sydney’s ferries (which are on the public transport network, like busses, trains and trams in Melbourne), there are also Water Taxis. They remind me of a spaceship from the Thunderbirds, I found them to look quite strange so I had to take a picture.
132-IMG_1308.jpg The other side of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Housing on this side don’t look very impressive architecturally, but I bet it would be well expensive, given the location.
132-IMG_1309.jpg Hehe, another one of the Sydney Opera House! Couldn’t help myself.
132-IMG_1622.jpg My latest picture (can’t remember when it was taken). Side-on with the woggy nose.

This page will get updated from time to time (hopefully) with any other new pictures that I decide to put up here.